• What is a car tissue holder?
A car tissue holder is a simple piece of equipment which be used in, or attached to an area in, your car. Which can then be used to dispense tissues. With our designs you can even replace the tissue inside with sanitary bags or wipes (which is great during a pandemic like this). Depending on your use case, you could setup 3 holders in your car, one with tissues, one with sanitary bags and one with antibacterial wipes.

We recommend our tissue holders be wiped down to maintain proper hygiene. This is a easy to do task as you just need to wipe them down from time to time.

Wherever they’re based, they all come with the same basic principle; being able to provide you with tissues readily when you need them, reducing car clutter (no bulky boxes flying about),  being close and convenient enough to be easily accessible and keeping your tissues clean in the meantime.

  • How do I install a car tissue box?
Our holders are super convenient. They come with 2 hooks/slips which allows you to slide them on to your sun visor, car door and the back of the front seat. We have seen them being placed in the gap by the sunroof too. So let your imagination run free!

Don't worry about them falling off as they wont since when you slide them on the hooks are very firm and keep the holder in close contact to whichever surface it is installed on.

  • Where should I place my tissue box holder for car?
Your tissue box holder can be placed anywhere that you deem comfortable. For full cars with plenty of passengers, we would recommend placing them on the back of the front seats and possible the car doors.

If you’re a commuter or spend a lot of time with only one of two of you in the car, using the sun visor tissue is the better option and even the car door works well here too.

  • How many tissues fit in a holder?
Our sleek slimline tissue holders hold approximately 50 tissues.

  • Will these tissue holders fit any vehicle?
While not all tissue holders will fit in any vehicle, we have made an effort to make sure our car tissue dispenser are as universal as they can be, in order to make your purchase much easier. This way, you won’t need to worry about measurements when buying your car tissue box. But we do have the measurements in pictures for each holder. 

We want to take care of our customers as much as possible so if it doesn't fit in your car properly then don't worry, contact us and we'll sort it out.